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“We strive to go the extra mile for our clients by having a vested interest in your company by leading the safety culture with our professionally tailored services. Our firm's success is making sure our clients succeed.” - Justin Jackson

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Why choose jackson consulting firm for your safety consultant?

Jackson Consulting Firm serves companies of all sizes in various industries to provide a professionally tailored solution to achieve safety success with a proactive safety culture. Our firm serves companies needing assistance in creating an entire program as a start-up or with a specific task for an existing company that needs a professional solution. All of our services are professionally tailored to each client to ensure the client receives the assistance they are needing without overselling. At Jackson Consulting Firm, we value our client relationship by making sure your success is our end goal.

Featured Services

For your very specific industry, we have highly-tailored safety solutions

Onsite Safety Staffing and Support

JCF focuses more on being a professional employer advocate service by providing onsite support tailored to the client's need.

Safety Training

Providing safety training for your employees is the right thing to do. We understand that training is expensive and difficult to schedule.

Site and Facility Safety Audits

Job site and facility audits are a necessary part of any safety program. Sometimes you may need an outside set of eyes.

That’s not all we do. Take a look at all services that we offer.